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Sandy Hook Massacre: Did It Really Happen? A Look At The Conspiracies

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Sandy Hook Massacre: Did It Really Happen? A Look At The Conspiracies
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On December 14, 2012, the world watched in horror as gunman Adam Lanza stormed Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. In less than five minutes, Lanza had taken the lives of 26 innocent people; 20 children, 6 adults, and his mother earlier on in the day. It took less than two minutes for first responders to arrive on scene, but still too late to stop Lanza. Armed with a 10mm Glock handgun, Lanza’s massacre will be forever remembered as the worst school related massacre since Columbine and Virginia Tech.


People who knew Lanza are reported saying that his life had dramatically changed in late 2010. Adam Lanza dropped out of college and broke contact with his father, who had been very close to until then. It was during this lifestyle shift that Lanza had begun to participate at shooting ranges. He legally acquired several different types of weapons. By December of 2012, Lanza had completely closed himself off from the rest of the world.


On December 13, the day before the disaster, Lanza had reportedly engaged in a verbal fight with four staff members at the Sandy Hook school, three of which were killed the next day. At 9:30 AM on December 14, Lanza invaded the Sandy Hook elementary school. By 9:35, 26 people were killed, including Lanza, who suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


However, many people have begun to question the official reports released by the state and federal governments, along with media reports during the incident. These “truthers” do not believe that the government and media have been transparent with the incident, even going as far to say that the entire event was staged to push a gun control agenda. So, let us break down the biggest theories and anomalies of the Sandy Hook Shooting.

1. Support websites created several days prior to the shooting. The first of several controversies is over the support websites created for the survivors of the Sandy Hook catastrophe. The first of these pages includes the R.I.P Victoria Soto page on Facebook. The page was created in memory of Victoria Soto, one of the teachers killed during the attack. However, an initial look at the page revealed that the webpage was created on December 10, four days before Ms. Soto was killed.


Several images were captured of the page before the page’s creation date was changed to December 15, the day afterwards.

This is not the only page to have an odd creation date. The United Way Connecticut chapter reportedly also created a donation page on their website. Web caches depict the creation date as December 11, still three days before the attack. Two other support websites share similar dates; and have fundraisers set up days before the attacks. These dates however, remain unchanged.


The claims made that people knew that these attacks would take place before they did,could hold truth with these sites. Having one website’s date incorrect could just be a technical glitch, but having four different websites all with different dates would vastly decrease the chances of these simply being glitches, especially since they are all related to the same topic.


However, that still does not rule out glitches as a  possibility. Google is infamous for providing users with false creation and update times for websites. At times, these dates may be up to a month ahead or behind of their actual creation times. Even Facebook has been known in the past to providing incorrect dates on everything from statuses to pages (ever have an old Facebook status posted by a friend pop up as a recent post?) It is still possible that these are just a set of coincidences. Also, all but one of these websites (that being the United Way website) are small, almost insignificant websites. Had this event been conspired by the government in some way, why would these minor websites have access to the information? Had the government been involved in any way with the attack, why would they give this information out to minor websites who would leak this information in such a way?

2. References to Sandy Hook in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Towards the end of the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, police commissioner Gordon is planning to bug a truck with a GPS so that the police can stop the truck which is carrying a bomb. At one point, Gordon is pointing at a map while saying, “To mark the truck, get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down.” to most, this scene holds little significance, and would certainly hold no connection to a mass shooting which would take place half a year later. However, if one pauses the movie just before the commissioner places his hand on the map, then one can clearly make out the words “SANDY HOOK” printed on the bottom left side of the map.


(A larger image can be found here.) Those who believe that the movie and shooting are tied together point this out, claiming that Hollywood, or at least director Christopher Nolan, helped to fabricate the attack in an effort to help the government push for stricter gun control measures. It is well known that the majority of people in Hollywood are gun-control supporters.


This would not be the first time Hollywood was instructed by the government to push for support for a particularly controversial topic. Arguably the most controversial of government agendas pushed onto Hollywood was to increase support for Stalin and the Soviet regime during World War Two. During the war, President Roosevelt encouraged Hollywood directors to create short films and scripts which portrayed America’s Soviet alliance as a true ally, which ultimately earned Stalin the name, “Uncle Joe” during the war. These movies are also a major factor for why Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House of Un-American Activities Committee heavily pursued Hollywood during the Red Scare of the 1950s.


Others, who don’t believe in a government involvement, claim that this coincidence is due to the City of Gotham itself. Any hardcore Batman fan can tell you that the city of Gotham is heavily based off of New York City. Because Newtown is close to Manhattan, it is quite possible that it would appear on a map which covers such a large area. Opponents to this theory claim that the map (pictured above) bears little resemblance to New York City, and that Newtown would be too far to include on what is most likely a fictional map.


This one may prove to be impossible to prove or disprove, as it is impossible to ask the original prop director, Scott Getzinger. Mr. Getzinger died in late 2012 of an automobile accident. Mr. Getzinger was in charge of all props throughout the movie.


3. Sandy Hook was a fake school established to stage the shooting. Out of all the theories, this one is the most baseless. Those who believe in this theory direct us to Bing maps. Satellite images of the Sandy Hook school before the shooting show no activity. Not a car or bus is present at the school. However, neighboring schools such as the Newtown high school show plenty of activity. Most other schools in the area show packed parking lots. Some even show school busses arriving and departing from the schools. Theorists believe that the school was built as a dummy school, where the future catastrophe could take place without any real harm being done.


This claim, of all the theories, is the most absurd. As a former student of Sandy Hook, as well as friends who have siblings who still attend the school today, I can assure you that this school was not built as a prop for a shooting.


Of course, we can not go to our government directly for answers. What we can do, however, is point out past secret operations which one or more parts of the government has secretly influenced, which includes everything from war to prohibition.

From 1920 to 1933, prohibition was in effect in America. During this time, it was illegal for a person to buy, sell, or produce intoxicating alcohol. Of course, bootlegging and secret clubs quickly took power. To attempt to combat the clubs, the Central Intelligence Agency would add anything from rubbing alcohol to acetone (paint thinner) to the liquor. Their goal was to discourage people from drinking by making them sick. Their actions were also responsible for killing hundred of people, do to health complications from the additives.


The government has also been responsible for covertly influencing military involvement. In 1990, Nayirah al-Sabah, a resident of Kuwait who had fled the country during the invasion by Iraq under Saddam Hussein, testified before Congress about the state of Kuwait. In her testimony, Ms. Sabah claimed that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers invade hospitals and orphanages, ruthlessly killing any woman, child, or injured person they caught. It was her testimony which greatly influenced support for Operation Desert Shield, which would involve coalition action to push back the army of Iraq. It was not discovered until 2002 that Ms. Sabah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, and that her story was completely fabricated by the CIA. As we know now, the main reason that the US wanted to go to war in Iraq was to gain control of Iraqi oil fields.

Tell us what you believe. Do you believe that Adam Lanza and/or Sandy Hook was influenced by an outside force such as the government? Or do you believe in the official reports, and that the tragedy should be taken at face value? Leave your responses in the comment section below.

  • Rob K

    I won’t comment on the theories of conspiracy. However, I will point out two unanswered questions that trouble me; 1) There were reports and a video showing 2 people running away from the school in the woods. One man was apprehended and quoted saying to parents as he was led by that he didn’t do it, he didn’t kill anyone. The question is, who were these people, what were they doing, and why were they running? 2) As of today, there is no official report from the CT State Police investigation. The last meaningful public statement reported what weapons were seized and from where, and this was back in January.

    • dragonsfly

      I saw that video live as it was happening. The person they caught in the woods was first reported as being an off duty officer from “several towns away” who happened to be in the area. Then they reported that it was a parent of a Sandy Hook student who was there to build a gingerbread house with his daughter. Either way, I would like to know what they were doing at the back of the school and why did they run from the cops. Personally, I think there were two shooters like they first reported and it was said on 911 calls and they don’t want to disclose who that person is, maybe because of who they are or could be related to someone of importance. Malloy won’t release ANYTHING, which makes one think they are definitely hiding something.

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